Sheikh Daoud Kairaba Bojang

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

I visited The Gambia several times in the past few years and during each of those visits, I was overwhelmed by the devastating, inhuman living conditions for some kids commonly known as ALMUDUS. These are kids attending Islamic schools and Daaras to learn how to read and recite the Book of Allah.

I was very troubled by it and I spent many sleepless nights thinking of what I can do to help these unfortunate conditions as a Muslim and as a Gambian.  Because the Prophet PBUH said no man would be a true Muslim until he loves for other people what he loves for himself. So, as a Muslim, I find it necessary for me to do something.

Since I do not have the means to remedy the situation, the only thing I can think of is to reach out to you. These less fortunate children are left to suffer for no other reason but for being TALUBES, in a country that has more than 90% of its population Muslims. Do we think Allah will not ask us about this incorrect and inhuman picture! This effort  can also be an opportunity for any person who may wish to send a beautiful gift to their late parents and loved ones in the hereafter Insha’Allah. So whatever  Allaah put in your heart to give for his Sake will be awarded to your love ones Insha’Allah.

I decided to name this very needed operation after my late father Sanjally Bojang because I always wanted to establish a charitable foundation bearing his name.

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and kind support.

Daoud Kairaba Bojang

Our Team

Founder/ President

Daoud Kairaba Bojang

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Alhajie Bojang

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Sheriff Bojang

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Aboubakr Bojang

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Ousman Sillah

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Lamin Bojang

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The Bojang Kunda Family

Ustaz Yakuba Niandu

Alhajie Aba Bojang (He has return to his lord. May Allaah shower him with his mercy. Please make du’aa for him)

Help is Our Goal

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What We Do

Help change the unfortunate and inhuman living conditions for children in Dara schools in The Gambia.

How We Do It

  1. By soliciting monetary funds from generous donors
  2. By collecting used clothing, resell it, and use the funds to support the projects.

Your Help

Whatever Allah put in your heart to give for his Sake will be awarded to you and your love ones Insha’Allah.