Ramadaan 2022 Project

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Central Africa's Muslim Refugees in Cameroon

Food for Ramadaan

I have been informed that many of these refugee families during Ramadan, simply eat “Fried Plantain” drink water, and get ready for the next day almost every day.

The Problem: Lack of Food

The lack of proper food and nutrition presents a huge problem in these refugee communities. During my visit, I encountered hungry children as I have never encountered before in my life in these refugee camps in eastern Cameroon.

We have been informed by some of the refugees themselves, that the United Nations only provided each family with five kilograms of rice each month. Unfortunately, even this provision has been discontinued now and replaced with giving $10 to some families a month, and not all families are benefiting from this.

Working opportunities for the families are very limited because they are not citizens, and therefore, unable to provide themselves with proper food for their families.

The Solution

We are suggesting that at least during this Holy Month of Ramadan we buy a few bags of rice and cows, and distribute it among the most vulnerable refugees. One 50 kilogram bag of rice can be given to each family or shared among two families based on the cash available.

The need to help provide food for iftaar during this month of Ramadan to these Central African refugees “Africa’s Rohingyas” who are trapped in Eastern Cameroon is very Urgent and seriously important.

We want to try to reach out to the most vulnerable, the most hungry among the refugees during this sacred month of Ramadan Inshaa’Allaah.

The amount of money needed to sponsor this very noble and important project may seem high and expensive, however, the need to provide a small and simple dish for these vulnerable Muslims to break their fast during this month of Ramadan is without a price tag.

The Solution

Rice for Ramadaan

The cost of one bag of rice, wholesale price in the capital city of eastern Cameroon, Bertoua, is equal to $32/per bag.

Cows for this Ramadan and Eid

  • One cow = $700
  • 10 cows a week

Cows that will feed all six major refugee areas with more than 50,000 refugees.

  • A whole month = 40 cows +
  • Arafaat & Eid 6 cows = 46 cows total
  • 46 cows = $32,200
  • slaughtering + plastic bags = $45 (for each cow) for all cows = $2,070